Travel High: Exploring British Columbia

Travel High - Exploring British Columbia

Travelling in British Columbia for three weeks has given us a crazy travel high and we haven’t even made it to the mainland yet!  We’ve seen feral peacocks and a floating village in Victoria, a magical island preserve and starfish-encrusted beach in Tofino, bald eagles and aqua blue waters in the Gulf Islands – some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen, and it was all right here in Canada!

The people we’ve met have been equally inspiring.  Darshan & Alex (friends we met in Costa Rica) generously welcomed us into their lives this past week by letting us camp in their driveway, work in their extra-special home, and spend time with their sweet family.   We frolicked in a warm lake with their nudist friends, played ultimate frisbee at the local school, shopped at their home-grown natural food co-op, toured stunning homes (and a tree house!) with the passionate Builder Bill and even picked up a book written by a local author (and received another as a gift – thank you, Jen!).

We parted ways with Darshan & Alex last week with sad faces but the happiest of hearts – that bittersweet feeling that make us feel alive and reminds us why we love to travel.  Now we’re exploring the vibrant & lovely Salt Spring Island and are looking forward to a weekend of camping by the water.  BC seems to have an endless supply of inspiring places to explore…

Have you ever had a “travel high” experience?  Share it with us in the comments!

Happy Exploring!


Floating Village in Victoria, British Columbia - Exploring Alternatives

Floating Village at Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria, BC

Crystal clear waters on the way to Tofino, BC - Exploring Alternatives

Crystal clear waters on the way to Tofino, BC

Exploring Cathedral Grove's Douglas fir trees - Exploring Alternatives

Exploring Cathedral Grove’s Douglas fir trees

Visiting Clayoquot Sound Island Preserve - Exploring Alternatives

Visiting Clayoquot Sound Island Preserve in Tofino, BC

Paddling along the shores of Cortes Island - Exploring Alternatives

Paddling along the shores of Cortes Island

Darshan & Alex - the sweetest Cortesians - Exploring Alternatives

Exploring Cortes with Darshan & Alex – the sweetest Cortesians we know :)

Puppy in the van - Exploring Alternatives

There’s a Zuli-pup in the van!

Living it up on Cortes Island - Exploring Alternatives

Enjoying the best of Cortes Island

Stunning sunset on Cortes Island - Exploring Alternatives

Stunning sunset on Cortes Island

Last look at Cortes Island before boarding the ferry back to reality - Exploring Alternatives

Last look at Cortes Island before boarding the ferry back to reality

10 thoughts on “Travel High: Exploring British Columbia

  1. Lamar

    Yes , to the traveling high..Just back from two weeks in France..Keep traveling,making memories while you are still young..It gets harder to do as you age,,But still worth it..Safe travels to you both..Lamar

  2. Kim

    Beautiful! What a fantastic start to your journey home (that sounds all metaphorical… it’s not… I literally your road trip home, haha).

    Travel high? Hmmm… maybe getting to have am unexpected real shower half way through a wilderness canoe trip? And being met with the best hospitality ever at a different point on that same trip, when we showed up at a remote community and it was their summer festival. So incredibly welcoming.

    1. Danielle Post author

      Awww Kim your travel high sounds so nice! It’s unbelievable how meaningful an unexpected shower or friendly encounter can be when you’re on the road (or on the water)!

  3. Charlotte

    That sounds like an incredible time. BC truly is a special place, that I want to explore so much more. Hope you continue to have a wonderful time on your travels and keep the inspiring stories comin :)

    1. Danielle Post author

      Thank you, Charlotte! If you get the chance to explore the Gulf Islands, I say go for it! They have a totally different vibe than the mainland :)

  4. Fuggo

    We get to share the travel highs of our wwoofers who come here! Also I had a great time staying with friends in Hampshire in May. We arrived the night they came home from a holiday in Cornwall and we were all dizzy with excitement and re-union. Also did some gardening with them (and shared some wine!) Our son Robert is just back from busking and hitching in France, lots of stories there too.

    1. Danielle Chabassol Post author

      Hi Fuggo,

      Dizzying excitement is the perfect way to describe the excitement of being reunited with friends and family. I’m happy you had so much fun with your friends in Hampshire and that you’re enjoying Robert’s stories from his travels, too!

      I hope we can stop by and see you again soon! <3 <3 <3

    1. Danielle Chabassol Post author

      Thea that sounds like a dream! I just read your post and I can’t believe how small the car is! I also love your sneaky charging strategy :)

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