This Man’s Tiny House is Heated with a Solar Air Heater

Habitations Microevolution - Tiny House Exterior - Exploring Alternatives

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Poirier from Daedalos Media

Gabriel from Habitations MicroÉvolution welcomed us into his self-built tiny home this summer to show us around and tell us about his tiny house lifestyle so that we could share it with you in our latest video.

He completed his Masters in Environmental Management and quickly became passionate about green building and the positive impact that sustainable buildings could have on the environment.

He wanted to put into practice the idea that living in a smaller space requires fewer resources to build and maintain, so in 2014 he built himself a beautiful tiny house.  He also started the first tiny house company in Quebec to help others live their tiny house dreams.

One of our favourite things about his tiny house is that he installed a ton of solar power (750 Watts) on the roof to power his electronics and appliances, including a full-sized fridge.

He also installed a solar air heating panel on the outside of his house, which is his primary source of heat during the day.  At night, he uses an electric heater that is plugged into the grid.  With this setup, he’s been able to heat his house for a whole winter for only $100.  Amazing, right?

*We filmed a video about the new model of this solar air heating panel with EcoSolaris which we’ll be posting soon.  Stay tuned!

His tiny house is parked in his family’s backyard in a Montreal suburb where the neighbours are open and accepting of the tiny home, and the municipality tolerates it (tiny houses fall into a kind of grey zone in many by-laws so legality/acceptance of a tiny house can depend on the neighbours and on the openness of local officials).

Take a tour of the tiny house and learn more about it:

Living in a Tiny House Heated with Solar Power – Tour & Interview 

Happy Exploring!


Habitations Microevolution - Tiny House Interior 1 - Exploring Alternatives

Habitations Microevolution - Tiny House Interior 2 - Exploring Alternatives

Habitations Microevolution - Tiny House Interior 3 - Exploring Alternatives

3 thoughts on “This Man’s Tiny House is Heated with a Solar Air Heater

  1. LA

    Your videos were concise & informative. Thank you! (Time & posting)I’m building a THOW. At point to buy solar but Wynn’s system ( Gone w/Wynn”s) GoPower looks easier to self install. I also need Guest Loft ladder. Is there contact info for eSolar guy? His ladder design great- but I need it to then twist up ( flat to loft) & slide right ( out of way). Thanks again!!

  2. Shannon

    Thanks so much for all the posts and videos – this is one of my all-time favourite blogs.

    I was really interested in the solar air heating panel on this THOW; I haven’t seen this model before. I’ve had a CanSolAir panel on a small but conventional downtown house and have been really happy with it. Because of the placement of surrounding buildings, we don’t get a lot of heat closer to December 21, but during the shoulder seasons, it’s spectacular. (BTW, I’m not affiliated with CanSolAir at all.) And it’s made in Newfoundland using recycled aluminum cans. If you’re interested, check out more here: That’s not to disparage the one used in the post above – Québec really seems like a leader in sustainable building – but for anyone considering buying a panel, it might be nice to compare the two.

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