This Couple Lives on their Sailboat, Year-Round, in Alaska!

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Every week we receive emails from people who want to be featured on our YouTube channel and it’s always exciting for us to meet new lifestyle explorers, and learn how they’re creating their own unique life plan that’s in line with their values and priorities.

Unfortunately we can’t always collaborate, or even respond, to everyone who writes to us (sorry about that!), but one email we received back in February from a couple named Megan and Rob caught our eye right away.

They claimed they were living full-time on their sailboat, in Alaska.


If we’d been talking face to face instead of emailing, I would have asked them to repeat that for me.

I thought liveaboards were all anchored together in the Bahamas like one big happy family but a quick peek at their YouTube channel, Venture Lives, and the videos of their Alaskan adventures had me convinced it was true.

Since then, we’ve been working together on a video collaboration so that we could share their story with you.

Adventurous Couple Living on a Sailboat Year-Round in Alaska!


Megan and Rob from Venture Lives - Exploring Alternatives

Photo credit: Megan and Rob from @venturelives

Megan and Rob bought their sailboat just over a year ago, and they’ve been living on the boat, full-time and year-round, in Juneau, Alaska while they save up money to pay off student debt, pay for the boat, and prepare to sail around the world one day.

Megan works in Juneau as a dental hygienist and Rob works online for a soil and water testing company.  Together, they downsized most of their stuff, they create their own wind and solar power, and they installed a wood stove on the boat to keep them warm and toasty in the winter.

By making all of these choices, like working online and preparing to be nomadic, this couple is slowly creating the life of their dreams that will give them the freedom to explore and spend time outdoors, to travel, and to start their own filmmaking company.  They’re an upbeat, positive, and inspiring couple who are exploring alternative living at it’s best!

Check out our latest video to take a tour of their sailboat and to learn more about their adventurous lifestyle.

Happy Exploring :)


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  1. Gus

    Thanks for the post. Really fantastic story.
    I always wondered how tough (or nice) it is to spend a winter aboard in Alaska, and the post probably inspired myself to find out one day by doing it.

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