Settling in for a Winter of House Sitting in the Woods

Settling in for a Winter of House Sitting in the WoodsI’ve been really looking forward to writing this post to let you guys know how everything has been going since we arrived at our house sitting job last week.  A bit of background: we found the job on a website called House Carers when we were looking for a way to escape an intense Ottawa winter and save a bit of money by not paying rent for a few months.  It was a bit of a crazy mission to make the timing work because we had to buy a van and drive it across the country in the winter to get here in time, but somehow we did it!

We got here a few days before the homeowners were leaving for Costa Rica (so jealous) so that we could all get to know each other before they left us in charge of their home and two cats.  We were a bit nervous about it because we can be shy and awkward sometimes and living with strangers for three full days could have been really weird.  We didn’t have anything to worry about though.  They turned out to be sweet and thoughtful people who built the log cabin we’re staying in.  They’ve also cycled across America, they make amazing soy lattes and have sweet family and friends that they introduced us to before leaving.  I was actually a bit sad when they left :(

Despite some minor drama involving fleas yesterday, we couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to spend the winter.  Anyone who’s read Little House in the Big Woods would be fulfilling a childhood dream by staying in this gorgeous log cabin.  Plus, wood stoves are super cozy and romantic.  I am pretty much in heaven gathering wood and building fires with Mat every day.

It’s not just the fact that we’re living in a cabin surrounded by a magical woodland of majestic moss covered trees that I love.  It’s also the little things, like their amazing blender that I’m using every morning to make delicious smoothies.  And the peaceful yoga/meditation space they’ve created upstairs.  And their sweet cats that we adore.  And their library full of books waiting to be read.

Basically, this “job” has turned out to be a perfect opportunity for us to spend a season relaxing in one place after a hectic summer of traveling and to spend quality time working on art, writing and crafting projects we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  I’m also thinking it’s a bit of a trial run to see how we like living on our own in the woods.  We always talk about living off the land and off the grid, but we’ve never done anything remotely close to it.  I think by the end of our 5 months here, we’ll know if living in a cabin in the woods is right for us.  If it is, our next adventure might be to build our own cabin back home :)

Timber Bridge - Washington - Exploring Alternatives

Fluffy Cat - House Sitting - Exploring Alternatives

Wood pile and cart - House Sitting - Exploring Alternatives

Firewood - Log Cabin - House Sitting - Exploring Alternatives

Woodstove - House Sitting - Exploring Alternatives

Cute Cat - House Sitting - Exploring Alternatives

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