Don’t Let “What Ifs” Stop You from Doing What You Love

Don't Let What Ifs Stop You From Doing What You LoveMat and I are extremely indecisive (as you can probably tell from our last post about having babies).  We often come up with ambitious plans for trips we’d like to take or projects we’d like to try, but we’re not always sure if they’ll be as good in real life as they seem in our heads.

Instead of letting the “what ifs” stop us, we use a “test the waters” method to find out if we like something before investing time, money, and energy into the full project.  To give you an example, here’s an idea we’ve been tossing around for awhile + what we’re doing to find out if it’s right for us:

The Big Idea: let’s build a tiny house!

How We’re Testing the Waters: we’ve been dreaming of building a tiny house for years but until recently we had no idea if we would enjoy living in a small space.  To find out, we rented a tiny 300 square foot bachelor apartment last winter and lived in it for 6 months.  At the end of our time there, we both agreed that living in a small space was perfect for our minimalist lifestyle so we moved on to phase two of our tiny house experiment: isolation.

We’d like our hypothetical tiny house to be built in the woods, or by a lake, which means that we’d be fairly isolated.  To see if we could handle it, we drove across the country this winter to house-sit in the woods for 5 months.  So far we’re really enjoying being on our own and we’re not too spooked out by the lack of neighbours and streetlights.

Based on these two “test the waters” projects, we can tell that living in a tiny house is probably a project that we’d enjoy doing.  And the best part?  We’re not letting “what ifs” stop us from doing what we love.

Happy Exploring!


5 thoughts on “Don’t Let “What Ifs” Stop You from Doing What You Love

  1. Greg

    I like the “test the waters” approach! We are often indecisive and also are afraid that ideas in our heads are way better than how they may actually turn out :) So far so good though…no regrets! Thanks for the post and feel free to build your tiny house in West Virginia – we would love to visit!

    1. Danielle Post author

      Hey Greg – thanks for checking out the post! It’s nice to hear that you guys don’t have any regrets either! If we all overcome our little fears and insecurities we can do so much!

      I’m pretty sure the United States never wants us to come back here so the tiny house will have to be in Canada instead haha!

  2. Quinn

    I love your videos. Some entries and this blog entry seem very short and sanitized….i’m sure there is more to it…i read it and go hmmm….maybe a missed a few pages. The part that has the emotional component. ( I always feel bad when i am this direct and unsatisfied if I’m not. Is there a camper van for that?).

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